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Business Services

More than a business broker, an Independent Business Consultant that can provide you with partnering at all businss stagesMore than a business broker, an Independent Business Consultant who can provide you with business partnering for all stages of your business.

Consulting to improve your business value and productivity, Fedirka Associates teams with you to improve the return on your investments in your business. Whether you want to sell your business, set up a succession plan, or just improve your profits and efficiency, Fedirka Associates can help.

Our executive team provides you with a professional, independent assessment of existing or potential problems and opportunities. Beyond traditional financial analysis, Fedirka Associates evaluates field operations, costs and pricing of both products and services, marketing strategies and policies, information and control systems, financial controls and the capabilities and potential limitations of management.

Cost savings and improving operating efficiencies is achieved for you with a thorough analysis of sales methods, marketing channels, operating procedures and purchasing practices.

Our professionals also possess a keen understanding of domestic as well as international business.

Corporate Restructuring / Organization Planning

When time is of the essence and key decisions need to be made, the business advisor must quickly assess the critical factors facing a company and make recommendations. Our broad and diverse knowledge, experience and resources enable us to quickly see the big picture by developing and implementing a strategy that maximizes value for the company's principal(s).

Fedirka Associates has helped numerous companies in a variety of industries in the following areas:

  • Due Diligence
  • Viability Assessments
  • Negotiations with Sellers, Buyers, Financial Providers
  • Valuations
  • Refinancing
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Relocation/Consolidation

Mergers & Acquisitions

Looking to sell all or a portion of your business, buy a new business, or need help with any aspect of M&A? Fedirka Associates provides independent consulting that goes above and beyond a typical business broker.

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Business Valuations

Need a valuation on your business? Whether you are looking to buy out a partner or family member, sell, or get financing we can help assess the value of your business.

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Deal Structure

Sometimes the structure of the agreement can have almost as much impact on the deal as the valuation and pricing. Make sure that you have thought about all the options and negotiate the best terms for your short-term and long-term goals.

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Exit Planning

While we can help any individual or company, our team specializes in the transition of closely held companies. We offer advice and assistance throughout, whether the transfer comes in the form of a sale to an outside entity, a family member, or key employee.

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Profit Improvement

As an independent consultant, Fedirka Associates can provide varying levels of service depending on your specific needs and goals. We work with many different industries across the country. We have a variety of success stories especially with Retail, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Processing, Distribution, and Service-based businesses.

Profit Improvement encompasses many of the services we discuss throughout this website, such as Operational Efficiency, Product Line Analysis, M&A, Revenue Growth and Loan Restructuring.

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Operational Efficiency

Is your company experiencing operational difficulties or do you feel it is just not maximizing its full potential? Fedirka Associates are experienced in many industries and can bring expertise like Business Plans, Strategic Plans, Financial Controls, (including Cash Flow Management and Projections, Cost Reduction Programs, Cost Analysis, and Budgeting); Plant/Factory/Off-Site Job Analysis (including Production Scheduling/Control, Inventory, Equipment, and Process Improvement Initiatives); Performance Management Programs, Interim Management Assistance, Systems Development, Market/Product Strategizing.

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Revenue Growth

Our management team can rapidly diagnose the operational and financial condition of your company and analyze its competitive position in the marketplace. We draw on our extensive years of operating experience to provide all the steps your company needs to achieve significant results in both the short and long term.

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Loan Restructuring

For a variety of reasons your company may want or need to refinance. Loan restructuring can be an excellent way to save on expensive interest dollars or to exit from a relationship with a lender who cannot or does not care to participate in your future growth. We have numerous contacts with commercial banks, higher risk-taking finance companies, and can identify investors or equity sources to assist your business.

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Product Line Analysis

Looking for new ways to expand your business? Struggling to break even or get back to the level of profitability you previously achieved? We can develop real product or service costs and the true rates of return (Return On Investment-ROI) on each of your individual products/product lines and tailor them to your company for accurate decision-making and maximizing your company's return on invested assets.

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