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Success Stories

Mergers and Acquisitions:Successful Business Improvement Stories from Independent Business Consultant

A Heating & Air Conditioning company wanted to hire Fedirka Associates to simply help sell their company. After the initial analysis of the business it appeared the business would have a difficult time receiving any offers as it was on a severe downhill slide. Fedirka provided consulting and related services in order to reverse their losses and started to make reasonable profits. Then Fedirka was able to develop an offering package, identify a buyer and successfully negotiated the company for more than eight times restructured income to a very large public company.

Working with a company that serves the Pharmaceutical industry with their proprietary embryonic software, Fedirka Associates was successful in developing a business plan that led to an offer for $18 million, which was $3 million more than the owners were looking for!

A company that designed and installed fire protection equipment for commercial and municipal buildings had only been breaking even financially for many years. Fedirka Associates developed a program which generated an increase in profits and substantially grew the service portion of their business. The result was a sale of the business for ten times earnings to one of their primary suppliers.

A high end outdoor furniture company was marginally profitable until Fedirka Associates was able to help them make some significant changes in manufacturing, inventory, pricing and sales distribution. The company is now being "romanced" by three different buyers, and the original offering price has increased from $2.5 million to an offer in excess of $10 million.

Product Line Profitability Analysis & Market Improvement:

When a very successful 100+ year-old building materials retail and distribution company made some bad decisions regarding acquisitions, pricing, and manufacturing, it took creative solutions to unload the losing entities along with their associated inventory. Fedirka Associates was also able to help them re-establish a pricing system that generated satisfactory profit margins in a very short timeframe. By identifying and weeding out unprofitable products from the assembly line, Fedirka Associates helped this company to once again become a major profit-producing entity for its shareholders.

Operational Efficiency:

Assisted a Plumbing Contractor in improving their financial position from just breaking even to a high level of profitability. Fedirka Associates did this by helping the company to streamline administrative functions, creating a new pricing structure, and implementing a more effective scheduling system.

When a successful marketer of Fire Alarm & Security Systems was told that his service operation was losing money, Fedirka Associates was able to rearrange the department to cover the activities in a much more efficient manner, segregating the maintenance and emergency operations, re-directing personnel and generating a very healthy margin level.

An old smokestack pre-cast concrete company had been trying many things on their own to turn a profit to no avail. Fedirka Associates came in to assist them in establishing a new pricing structure and implemented a plan that brought the plant to a level of operations that was three times as productive. Fedirka Associates also prepared a major claim to a customer and negotiated a multi-million dollar settlement. The company was back on the road to success.

Creative Financing:

A distributor of both durable and disposable health care items was in need of refinancing. When it was realized that the company’s collateral was not sufficient to satisfy conventional financing nor investor financing, Fedirka Associates was able to convince a major supplier to provide funds to help this company achieve its growth and profit desires.

A builder of modular homes was choking from its interest payments. Not only were unnecessary assets liquidated to materially reduce debt, but at the same time productivity in the plant was improved and increased by almost 1000%.

Succession Planning / Corporate Restructuring:

When two owners (fathers) decided to transition their packaging machine manufacturing company so that they could retire, the owners rapidly became aware that money to buy their company was not forthcoming. Fedirka Associates was able to help the two fathers to create a solution that would work not only for them, but also for each of their two sons!

Two brothers needed to part ways in their ownership of their construction company in order to maintain familial relations. We were able to develop a value and educate all parties on the validity of the amount and to create a payout scenario that allowed the departing brother to live respectfully while not choking the company economically.

When a dying distributor/manufacturer of metal products decided to call it quits, Fedirka Associates was summoned to help liquidate the company and any financial harm to the family. Through creative planning, negotiating and selling, we were able to convert the inventory—rather than liquidate it at auction—and sell it to customers. The remaining equipment and real estate could then be sold at market value and all debts were completely eliminated, while leaving a generous payout to the owners.

When the three brothers/owners of a very successful agricultural product grower and marketer decided to part company, through some very intense negotiations Fedirka Associates was able to devise a complex payout system that all could agree to—including all of the spouses!