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Product Line Analysis and ROI Improvement

Consulting on your business product lines to improve the return on your investments.

Product line analysis and ROI improvementIt's often easy to become complacent about your individual product profitability when your business is generating cash. Loss leaders can be good for your business as long as you know which ones they are. It is wise to review both your costs (both direct and indirect) and prices periodically. Products that are underpriced will become your most successful lines and those overpriced will disappear leaving the obvious tragic results.

Fedirka Associates can quickly review your existing products and product categories to determine their ongoing profitability status. It's not a pure science and therefore takes experience like ours to ensure that margins are correctly ascertained and overall company profitability is maximized.

In addition, we can develop the true rates of return (Return On Investment-ROI) on each of your individual products/product lines and tailor them to your company for accurate decision making and maximizing your company's return on invested assets. In most cases, we can then compare them to others in your industry.

New Product Line Option Analysis

New Product line Option AnalysisWe can provide you with a thorough analysis of target markets, customer needs, competition, technology, support issues, sales channels, and marketing strategies.

We determine the potential revenue of a product line and outline the steps necessary for you to realize improved profitability.

Sometimes it is difficult to find an unbiased opinion from current vendors or associates on the merits or potential downfalls on a new product line or service area. This is especially true if it is not a direct extension of your current line.

We are independent consultants with decades of business experience that can help you determine the best direction for your company product line based on research and expertise.

We can help you test assumptions and initiate creative thinking to generate out-of-the-box ideas within your organization.