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Refinancing: Loans for Businesses

Refinancing for the times when traditional banking is not the answer.

Creative financing and re-financing loans for businessOur financing sources have provided both debt and equity financing for dozens of customers over the last 20 years. The amounts have ranged from several hundred thousand to over $30 million. Loans have been provided for both real estate as well as asset-based financing—i.e. accounts receivable and inventory. We have secured financing from pure conventional loans to the “very creative” or hard-to-accomplish ones.

For a variety of reasons, a company may want/need to refinance. It can be an excellent way to save on expensive interest dollars or to exit a lender who cannot or cares not to participate in a client’s growth. Either way, we have numerous contacts with commercial banks as well as higher risk-taking finance companies. We also can identify investors and other mezzanine or equity sources to assist either troubled companies or companies on the verge of expansion.

Creative Financing Success Stories:

A distributor of both durable and disposable health care items was in need of refinancing. When it was realized that the company’s collateral was neither sufficient to satisfy conventional financing nor investor financing, Fedirka Associates was able to convince a major supplier to provide funds to help this company achieve its growth and profit desires.

A builder of modular homes was choking from its interest payments. Not only were unnecessary assets liquidated to materially reduce debt, but at the same time productivity in the plant went up almost 1,000%.