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Business Succession & Exit Planning

When your company needs to transfer ownership, it can be either a very well developed plan or a very traumatic process.

Sucession and Exit Planning for businessIn order to transfer ownership in an orderly and organized way, a well-developed plan is necessary, including a thorough detailed analysis where realistic market values are developed, presented and negotiated to an equitable conclusion. This often requires creative solutions by professionals knowledgeable in these types of transactions.

Our team is experienced in the transition of closely held companies and can offer guidance and assistance throughout the event. Sometimes the transfer comes in the form of a sale to an outside entity. At other times it is transferred privately - often to family.

For business owners near retirement, the issue of succession cannot be ignored. However, the best time to plan for the future sale of a business is well before the need is urgent. Give yourself the time to create the valuation and structure that works best for you by planning early. Secure the peace of mind to know there will not be a panic to determine a successor or an exit plan when the time comes to sell, whether it comes through retirement, an illness or some other unexpected event.

Regardless of the avenue selected, the qualified professionals at Fedirka Associates can enhance and streamline a successful transfer, especially when it involves or requires commercial financing, owner financing or both.

Numerous companies have benefited from our expertise in transitioning ownership of the company to other parties — family, employees, outside investors, individuals or other companies. Contact Fedirka Associates at 484-645-4866 to see how we can help you in your business succession or exit planning.