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Business Valuations

For a variety of reasons, your company may require a professional valuation. This may come about as a result of your desire to sell the company, a family crisis, a need obtain a bank loan, option to buy out partners/shareholders, or for other financial considerations.

Business Valuation Services for all stages of business lifecycleFedirka Associates has performed dozens of valuations for companies ranging in size (sales revenue) from $2 million to over $200 million. Our associates have also contributed to and written numerous articles and books on the subject over the last 25 years.

Many of our best success stories come from our ability to partner with businesses like yours at all stages. For example, while we are analyzing the value of your business, we can also look for ways to improve your operational efficiencies and improve overall profitability or suggest product line revisions.

We have helped many businesses over the decades that were initially looking for valuation services and we ended up helping them improve their overall valuation in a relatively short time period based on our other services and recommendations.

In our experience, many businesses seeking a valuation or looking to sell their business are not 'Ready' (they don't get the value they want). In order to make your business 'Ready' for valuation and sale, Fedirka Associates partners with you to provide consulting or, in some situations, hands-on services to increase the potential value of your business to potential buyers or lenders. We offer both standard business ideas as well as some that are creative out-of-the-box solutions to your specific needs.

We are skilled in presenting as well as negotiating purchases and sales of companies. Therefore, we are not only able to develop a fair and reasonable value for your company, Fedirka Associates personnel are able to present and successfully defend their positions like we have done previously for clients in court or to sophisticated buyers, sellers, directors, officers and family members of companies.