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Business broker and Independent Consultant taht can take your business to another levelFedirka Associates, Inc.

More than a business broker, an Independent Business Consultant who helps your business reach a higher level.

Consulting on your business value and productivity, Fedirka Associates partners with you to improve the value of your business. Whether you want to sell your business or improve your profits and efficiency, Fedirka Associates can help.

Succession Planning / Exit Planning

There are many reasons to sell a business...of any size. Most closely-held or family businesses operate with a focus of minimizing taxes and enhancing the lifestyle for the current owner(s), with little thought to the eventual sale of the company. If you are considering establishing a legacy where the business continues on for future generations...or are looking for an independent buyer, we can help.

Only 30% of Family-owned or closely-held businesses survive to the second (2nd) generation.

... 12% of closely-held businesses survive to the third (3rd) generation.

... 3% survive to the fourth (4th) generation and beyond.

As the pie charts above demonstrate, most businesses are not passed on to future generations but instead are looking for outside buyers to carry on the mission. Therefore it is even more critical to establish a plan to sell your business, whether it be to a relative or more likely to a stranger. Ensure your legacy with expert consulting from Fedirka Associates, for a long-term succession or exit strategy getting you the maximum value when you are ready to retire in the future.

The Staging Process

One of our primary services is making your business look as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Similar to staging a house for a quick sale, we can help you stage your business to get more and higher offers.

We have had decades of experience in knowing what makes businesses sell at the optimum price and we can bring our knowledge to help you sell quickly and secure the maximum amount of cash for your business.

Profit Improvement, Revenue Growth, Operational Efficiency, & Product Line Analysis

In any economy it is important to operate as efficiently as possible, but it is even more critical during the slow times. Fedirka Associates has had successful experiences within a variety of industries by improving overall efficiencies, analyzing new and existing product lines and other services for ways to grow revenue, and improving product line profitability in order to add to their bottom line. Let us help you to grow your business with sound strategies and advice and maximize your profit.

Deal Structure: Business Buyers & Sellers

Whether you are looking to buy an existing business or sell your business, getting advice on the best deal structure for your needs is critical to a successful transaction. As a consultant we provide you with an independent opinion of what structure works best for you and can help you negotiate the details, while reducing your stress.   Read M & A Tips from Fedirka Associates...